We focus on two things – customers and strawberries

This focus allows us to consistently provide the highest quality strawberry ingredients tailored to our customers’ exact needs. We produce:

  • Custom strawberry ingredients: The majority of our products are customized to the specific needs of our customers’ applications. Our strict focus on ingredient solutions allows us to efficiently and uniquely tailor all aspects of our production, from fruit selection to processing to packaging.

  • Standard Products:
    • Individually Quick Frozen IQF Strawberries - There is a reason why Cal Pacific Specialty Foods and IQF Strawberries are synonomous. Our high-quality IQF strawberries are produced using a state-of-the-art system that utilizes continuous fluidized bed technology. Choose from a variety of pack styles including sliced, diced, and whole.

    • Strawberry Purees - Our emphasis on building relationships and working together is the reason why we practically invented the category of Strawberry Puree. Graded or juice stock fruit is cleaned, sorted, and passed through a customizable screen to produce a consistent puree, with or without seeds, every time. Additionally, purees can be pasteurized or unpasteurized, from concentrate or not from concentrate, or single-strength.

    • Block Frozen Strawberries - Cal Pacific Specialty Foods’ block frozen strawberries provide a convenient source of cleaned, sorted, fresh frozen strawberries. Frozen in their own juices, these graded strawberries can be with or without a variety of sweeteners.

  • One Berry, Endless Possibilities: Our resources, experience, and specialized know-how translate into being able to do things other processors can't. If your food ingredient needs are unique or in-development, Cal Pacific will help you develop the best end-product possible.